The Future
of Healthcare is Now

Physicians and health systems
are looking for holistic digital solutions

  • Patients are looking for health information online
  • Physicians prefer products with patient support
  • Health systems opt for evidence based solutions

Digital Therapeutics offer unique
patient experiences by combining

We deliver integrated, personalized and
accessible care which will help you

Stand out
from competition
through unique /
differentiated products

incremental value
from real world
insights and evidence

patient adherence and
loyalty through
value-based offerings

new business models
from personalised and
holistic care

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We are Asia’s first DTx suite that comes with
proven outcomes across multiple therapies

We are built for ALL,
Yet personalized

We come with a proven track record

Our results speak for

Our Research

We co-create unique experiences
that impact patient outcomes

Design engaging patient experiences

Design holistic patient experiences relevant
for any therapy

Drive medication adherence through personalized
insights and gamification

Enhance brand perception through integrated

Go-to-market together

Learn best practices in DTx GTMs from our experiences

Co-create effective go-to-market plans tailored to your product

Jointly onboard cross functional teams for a successful launch

Scale with ease

Explore unlimited scalability across demographics,
languages and geographies

Leverage tailor-made real-time analytics for insights
and optimization

Reduce operational complexities from a phygital

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We have already powered real world
outcomes globally

Partner experiences and case studies

Don’t just believe us! Hear from our customers

“I’ve been on the Wellthy CARETM platform since October ’19. In a month’s time, I started to feel more energetic. I knew I had to be more physically active but I wasn’t able to do so before. After getting on the platform, I have been moderating my diet as per the instructions of the health coach. I’m happy to say, I have also been walking every day and been trying to increase the distance gradually. Nowadays, I walk 8 km daily.
I urge people who have diabetes to try this app. It can change the quality of your life as you know it!”

Santosh Jain, Age 66

Mumbai, Maharashtra

“I have been living with diabetes for the past 11 years. It was the four months I spent on the platform however, that changed the way I managed my condition. I’m still on the same pills I used to take before but now I know exactly what they are for, how it affects my body and how my behaviours affect both the condition and the effectiveness of the medicines. I am now able to manage my condition without it getting in the way or compromising my wants and wishes.”

Tansukhlal Kumawat, Age 63

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

“I liked the way the lessons talked about managing sugar levels through smarter food choices but also how it prepared for slips without judgement. It understood the need to explain how medicines work which I never thought of before but I definitely feel it made an impact and I’m more prone to take my pills as prescribed now. I’ve started checking my blood sugar levels regularly which is a drastic improvement from before and I avoid smoking and drinking now as much as possible because I have learned how it can affect the body especially one with diabetes.”

Sreeramulu, Age 63

Retired banker from Hyderabad, Telangana.