Enhancing Quality of Life and Boosting Life Time Value of Patients with Stronger Medical Device Adherence

Empowering Medical Devices with a Robust
care continuum of Healthcare Professionals
and DTx to reduce patient drop-offs and
monitor adherence

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Legacy Medical Device makers are struggling to retain Market share
and are burdened with rising costs and poor outcomes

Higher Go To Market Spends

High cost of manufacturing, stringent Medical device registrations and rising patient acquisition costs are draining profit margins

Rising Patient Expectations and Non-Adherence

Modern Patients are digitally aware and demand more from
Med Devices like Real-time Support, Personalized Patient insights, Remote Patient Activation and Monitoring

Value Based Pricing & Agreements

As the world shifts to Value-based outcomes, the efficacy
of Drugs and Med device combinations will drive pricing
agreements by GPO’s, Governments and payers.

Partner with Wellthy’s DTx Ecosystem For Better Patient Outcomes & Adherence

Empower your patients to manage their disease better with Wellthy’s Healthcare ecosystem built on a proprietary Clinical Intelligence platform, a software as a medical device, that provides real-time health data and actionable information and personalized recommendations from our health coaches. Our Care team’s timely interventions enables Medical Devices to achieve Extended Patient Life-Time Value by moving from a diagnostic to a ‘Theranostic’ – influence based outcomes

Enable Seamless Patient Onboarding

End-to-end onboarding support personalized for each patient

Remote Patient Activation with human intervention based chronic disease management

Real time escalation pathways and alert messages for clinical decision support

Secure, quality conversations between patients and Health care teams all at one place

Achieve Continuation of Therapy

Real-time disease management and support with interactive, personalized education and guidance beyond the traditional walls of care delivery

Novel ways to provide one-on-one virtual health coaching and other personalized digital interactions for patients

Empower meaningful, sustainable behavior change for individuals living with chronic conditions

Reduce Patient Dropouts Like Never Before

Scalable, Personalized, Multichannel Patient support Improve quality of care and health outcomes performance

Improve patients’ Quality of Life and experience for the longer term

Reduce need for hospitalization or ER visits with sustained Health guidance

Read our case study on

How a well known Glucometer users achieved reduced blood glucose
variability with a personalized diabetes management program?


Personalised Solutions to Cater to your Patient’s Requirements

Digital First
Fully digital solutions enabling remote
patient monitoring and activation

Evidence based therapies
Clinically validated therapies
and solutions for patients

Secure & Compliant
Compliant with International Standards
like ISO 13485:2016 and GDPR

Rooted in Science
Each program is developed based on
authentic global guidelines using latest
scientific insights

Multitherapy solutions
Focus on multipletherapeutics areas including Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Respiratory indications

Seamless Integration
End to end Healthcare Professionals
ecosystem integration for Hospitals , Doctors and Patients

Multilingual Capabilities
We create therapies in multiple regional
languages for easy adoption

Multi device support
Our platform capability help us integrate
with a variety of medical devices

Anytime, anywhere
Supportive care team to provide 24×7
remote patient activation and monitoring

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