Join us in our mission to inspire and enable
10 Million patients to reverse, prevent or control
their chronic condition by 2030

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At Wellthy Therapeutics, we put people at the
centre of everything we do; the individuals
we serve and the team efforts we share

Empower Customers

We work in sync with our patients and partners to achieve best results for our customers

Swing with Data

We believe in making bold moves that leverage data and technology to do what’s never been done

Hustle Smart

We like to try new ideas, learn fast and move forward iteratively to achieve team goals

Grow Together

We nurture a healthy state of competition and grow as we challenge each other to scale greater heights

Our product team
comprises of:

Our business team
comprises of:

Our operations team
comprises of:

We like to work hard and play harder at Wellthy Therapeutics!

“The learning curve is steep; work moves fast and you need to as well. I spent a fair deal of time working at corporate and healthcare companies. But I craved more freedom to try new methods which is why I moved to a startup. At Wellthy Therapeutics, I promise, there is never a dull moment.”

“My role has ranged from operations, P&L management to marketing, account management and now, quality and regulatory affairs. Being entrepreneurial comes second nature to me. That is why I have found a great culture fit with this organization.”

“Our work involves a lot of interdisciplinary functions so it’s important for different teams to collaborate in work and fun. We don’t have a game room to blow off steam, we have zones where different teams play and end up ideating. This helps boost creativity.”

“I was one of the first employees at Wellthy Therapeutics during my first stint here. The learning curve was steep and the gratification was unparalleled. Everything moved fast and every day was different. I still remember the names of all the patients we met and interviewed. Knowing that we brought a beneficial change into their lives was a joy that was unmatched.”

“As a part of the Data Analytics team, I deal with all kinds of data that the app collects. This is my first stint at a healthcare company. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what kind of data I would be working with; it’s been a high exposure role. My work requires me to interact with multiple teams through the course of my day. The Clinical team needs health outcomes, the BD team needs engagement stats, the Marketing team looks at behaviour, and the HR team tracks employee drive as well. I make all of that happen by proving insights from the data as a jumping off point. But the most interesting model is one we are still working on which will be able to predict health deterioration based on signs captured and act preemptively.”  

“My first job involved nutrition counselling for children. This is only my second job but I feel like I’ve learned a lot already. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a digital health company because it’s the future of healthcare. I was genuinely surprised to see how patients respond to digital therapeutic support as compared to traditional counselling options. Early adopters today are tomorrow’s leaders. I plan to start my own clinic one day and this is a super learning experience towards that ultimate dream.” 

Patient inspired. Outcomes focused. Digital therapeutics.

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