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Solving pharma challenges of treatment eligibility,treatment penetration, treatment adherence and real world patient outcomes for complex clinical conditions and rare diseases.

Building digital therapies on top of cognitive behavior led interventions to address real challenges faced by patients, clinicians, caregivers and ensure safety and security of users with medical-grade global compliances.

Powerful clinical decision support tools, patient self management , remote patient monitoring , comprehensive side effect management modules, assisting Clinicians to prescribe complex medications with trust.

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Solutions for Specialty Pharma

Specialty drugs need high touch patient engagement, continuous monitoring, patient counselling, medication management and of course personalization. Wellthy CARE™ can be administered to patients to provide that personalized touch and drive high engagement with continuous monitoring, patient education, and counselling support which is very much needed for a specialty drug. It can provide additional confidence to a clinician with actionable patient insights.


Solutions for Common Chronic Pharma

wellthy CARE™can augment common chronic pharma drugs with high touch patient support and augment their offerings with a digital health software for improved medication management, increase days on therapy and also assist clinicians with patient monitoring and insights.


Solutions for Innovator Pharma

wellthy CARE™can be paired with innovator drugs in case they need continuous patient monitoring, or high touch patient engagement for their drugs. They can also build companion SaMD’s with Wellthy Therapeutics to improve real world effectiveness of innovator Drugs to extend patent life or file for better reimbursements in Payer driven markets.


Solutions for Generic Pharma

Wellthy Therapeutics has a huge experience of building digital health solutions for chronic conditions across multiple conditions and geographies, customized to patients in both out-of-pocket and reimbursement driven markets. We can build economical and effective, customized digital health offerings for generic pharma with patient and clinician centric user experience for them to stand out.

Top DTx Solutions we develop for our Life Science partners


Companion SaMD’s

Clinically validated, software as a medical device solutions used in combination to a drug therapy/device to improve real world effectiveness.

Standalone DTx

CBT & ACT led digital therapeutics that can be prescribed standalone to solve for unmet patient needs for a condition.


Patient Support Programs

Digital therapy led patient support to track and monitor digital biomarkers, to monitor and to improve both patient engagement and outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Solutions to remotely monitor patient progress, create continual patient reported and connected device driven data streams, and enable personalized, just in time interventions

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