Solving for Unmet Medical Needs with Evidence backed
Digital Therapeutics

At Wellthy Therapeutics,  we work with pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and health (hospital) systems to design and deploy clinically validated digital therapeutic solutions to achieve real-world clinical and business outcomes across multiple therapeutic areas.

Our platform caters to multiple conditions

Highly Safe and Secure Software as a Medical device
compliant to global standards


ISO 13485

Certified Safety and Efficacy of Wellthy CARE™ Platform


Absolute protection and regulation of Personal Data



Complete Conformity with European Medical Device standards

Our digital therapeutics platform puts the patient at the centre

Leading industry partners trust our
digital therapeutics solutions

We are committed to transforming the lives of our patients

Our hypertensive patients achieved significant
reduction in blood pressure levels

7.4 mmHg

Systolic BP reduced

3.7 mmHg

Diastolic BP reduced

Presented at
The American College of Cardiology’s 69th Annual Scientific Session & Expo

Our therapy is designed to reflect immediate
improvements in self-care behaviours

After one month in the programme, our patients experienced:


Carbs Reduced


Fats Reduced


Fiber increased

We have show consistent outcomes with
Type 2 Diabetes patients year on year


We ensure our patients experience long-lasting results

In the first 2 months, our diabetes patients
experienced a significant drop in blood glucose,
which was sustained over a period of 6 months

15 mg/dl

Fasting blood glucose

25 mg/dl

Post meal blood glucose

Presented at
80th Scientific Session of the American Diabetaes Association

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Our customers love our programme

“I have been living with diabetes for the past 11 years. It was the four months I spent on the platform however, that changed the way I managed my condition. I’m still on the same pills I used to take before but now I know exactly what they are for, how it affects my body and how my behaviours affect both the condition and the effectiveness of the medicines. I am now able to manage my condition without it getting in the way or compromising my wants and wishes.”

Tansukhlal Kumawat, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

“The Wellthy CARETM platform is a good tool for people with diabetes because it is always by your side. You don’t know when you will have a doubt or if you will have too many questions. There is no limit to your learning and questions. It helps you by guiding you constantly.”

Abdul Gaffar Khan, 43

Leading Doctors believe in us

Awards and recognitions

Endorsed by the
ADA as a prescribable
digital therapeutic

Selected in
Emerge 50 2019 cohort

Part of
League of 10 in 2019

Our collaborations