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  • Chronic diseases account for 50-75% of total
    healthcare costs
  • High premiums for a diseased population
    results in higher drop-outs
  • Patients retain better on insurance products
    that engage and offer more value

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Health Insurers to

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We offer world-class quality products
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Our flexible architecture
helps us create best-in-class
products across many
therapies and languages
that drives high customer

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Our experienced team of
125+ qualified professionals
together with our ISOcertified
processes deliver
quality care with efficiency

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With over 20+ commercialized
products with patients
from many countries, we
go-to-market together
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With our real-time pop-lation
-level analytics, and a 100%
remote experience, you will
know how your patients are
doing in real-time!

We are Asia’s first DTx suite that comes with
proven outcomes across multiple therapies

Role of digital therapeutic in increasing the addressable
market for insurance without underwriting higher risk

Change in HbA1c levels.

  • The health protection gap in India is estimated to
    be $369 bn, and 37% of which arises from chronic
    diseases of diabetes, hypertension, and high
  • Patients with T2DM have to pay high premiums
    and insurers have to underwrite patients at a
    much higher risk

Conclusion: The Wellthy CARETM DTx platform is
effective in changing patient behaviour to improve
glycaemic control in patients with T2DM and
increasing the addressable market.

Role of digital therapeutic in increasing the addressable
market for insurance without underwriting higher risk

  • Upto 75% of diabetic patients have hypertension
    as an additional co-morbidity. The cost of chronic
    care increases exponentially with multimorbidities
  • Wellthy CARETMpatients who had been on our
    solution for more than 3 months experienced
    both blood sugar and blood pressure reduction

Conclusion: The Wellthy CARETM DTx platform facilitated self-reporting, patient education and health coaching in patients with hypertension and diabetes while achieving a significant reduction in BP and average blood sugars

Blood Sugar Reduction

Blood Pressure Reduction

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