We are on a mission to inspire and enable 10M people with a chronic condition to reverse, prevent or control it by 2030


2016 - Nurturing the idea

Unsatisfied by the irreversible and ever deteriorating
nature of chronic conditions, a lean team
of five gets together to develop the Wellthy
Therapeutics product concept. Our first therapy
targeting individuals diagnosed with type 2
diabetes is deployed via WhatsApp. Following
its success, an engineering team is assembled.

2017 - Recognition for our results

With additional $ 2.1M from investors like
GrowX, BeeNext and Ranjan Pai, roll out our first
MVP. More testing follows - 13 pilots to be precise.
Our results begin to speak for themselves.
Our first product gets endorsed by the Research
Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)
as a prescription grade platform for type-II diabetes.
A big win!

2018 - Onboarding our first
industry partner

Our team works tirelessly with an external doctor
advisory board to vet the product at every step.
Innovation and hard work pays off and we enter
into a distribution agreement with Roche
AccuChek to expand our impact to reach their
patient base. More partners join in.

2019 - Growing our impact base

As our patient base grew to over 20,000
patients, we sign a strategic and commercial
partnership with Cipla, through which we
expand our therapies into Hypertension and
Dyslipidemia. We also partner with several other
pharma players including Novartis, and enter the
South Asian market with Aviva, our Singa

2020 - Fueling expansion plans

As we begin to see outcomes in our hypertension
patients, we deepen our expertise in Cardiology
with new products in Congestive Heart
Failure and Ischemic Heart Disease. Backed by
Indian Pharma’s respiratory market leader, we
enter a new therapy area with a product in
asthma. Our results continue to grow and stand
at 20+ clinical publications recognised globally.

We empower patients to
achieve their health goals
one step at a time

Meet our team

Abhishek Shah


Prayat Shah

VP – Enterprise Partnerships

Aradh Pillai

VP – Design and Engineering

Tejas Bhatt

VP – Account Management

Dr. Jitesh Bhatt

VP – Clinical Product

Anam Dhila

VP – Finance

Vasim Qureshi

VP – Care Delivery

Dr. Sid Kolwankar

AVP – Clinical Intelligence

Dr. Abhijeet Kanetkar

VP – Insurance Business

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