Diabetic patients need continuous care. Every Patient action will affect their blood sugar levels for the day.
The right guidance and personalised support determines whether the patient will experience controlled and uncontrolled blood glucose levels. As Asia sits at the heart of the global diabetes epidemic, about 60% of all those with diabetes live in India.

Being a market leader, Roche Diabetes Care extended Wellthy Therapeutics’ digital therapeutic solution to their Accu-Chek Active patients to address the problem of clinical inertia and put patients more squarely center stage.


Wellthy Therapeutics had conducted a study among patients with cardio-metabolic chronic conditions



To showcase that the digital therapeutics with lifestyle management solution
can improve outcomes in patients with chronic diabetes


Continuous care through monitoring blood glucose via Roche’s Accu-Chek’s Active SMBG device and steady behaviour change through diet and exercise helped patients maintain steady glycaemic control.

It potentially also made patients more conscious about the need for monitoring their blood glucose as is evidenced by the increase in average blood glucose logs per month by over 130%.

The study is conducted in a real-world setting, indicating the potential, scalable use of the self-monitoring
blood glucose device and DTx combination in a resource constrained, low health literacy market such as India.

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