Hypertension is pegged to be the most common Non-communicable disease with an estimated overall prevalence of almost 30% in India. Hypertension contributes to an estimated 1.6 M deaths each year in India & 13% deaths globally.
As per clinical guidelines, lifestyle management is a first step to managing chronic conditions.

Wellthy Therapeutics conducted a case study on how a Dtx can work closely with patients with hypertension to action healthy behavior change and improve outcomes in hypertensive patients.


Wellthy Therapeutics had conducted a study among patients with the cardio-metabolic chronic condition



To showcase that the digital therapeutics enabled lifestyle management solution can improve
outcomes in patients with chronic hypertension


Built on principles of behavior science, digital therapeutics platforms work with patients to conveniently build easy and sustainable self-care behaviors

They reinforce the need to monitor blood pressure readings and adhere to medications as prescribed. This helped patients with hypertension achieve positive health outcomes with healthy and sustainable behavior among patients.

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