Traditionally patient support programmes were driven by urban demand with two third of its revenues from metros and
towns with population of more than a lakh. With the advent of digital therapeutics, the Pharmaceutical industry
can drive better access as is seen from our overall patient enrollment with over 50% patients  getting
enrolled into a programme from a non Tier 1 city.

This demonstrates how DTx enables easy scalability and continued access to care for patients even in difficult to access cities.
Multilingual support and adding a regional customization to the services further allows for better adoption
of the solution in these cities.


Wellthy Therapeutics had conducted a study among patients with cardio-metabolic chronic conditions





To showcase that the digital therapeutics solution can improve access to non Tier 1 cities and improve patient access and retention on the programme.


The study proves that the digital therapeutics approach aided in better patient adoption along with better patient retention. It has also enhanced the overall patient experience and guaranteed better engagement.

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