A key concern for most chronic condition patients during the unprecedented COVID19
pandemic has been the disruption in continuity of regular check-ups.

The digital therapeutic solutions proved to be the need of the hour with remote monitoring,
counselling patients with self care behaviors, online health coaching.


Wellthy Therapeutics had conducted a study among patients with cardio-metabolic chronic conditions





To showcase that the digital therapeutics with lifestyle management solution continue to serve as an effective home-based self-care solution during a pandemic and could be a key factor in changing the landscape of patient care in the future.


The Wellthy CARE™ platform introduced additional features during the pandemic to support patients and  explored the real-world effectiveness of the modified platform during the lockdown period,  as restrictions induced patients to engage in self-care more than ever before

This period showcased an increased platform adoption and patient retention. This also reinstated the concept that the platform was an effective and scalable platform..

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how Wellthy Therapeutics helped improve
the patient engagement during the COVID19 pandemic.

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