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Pharma Leader, Karine Soulat joins Wellthy therapeutics as VP Marketing


Introducing Karine Soulat, VP Marketing at Wellthy Therapeutics Wellthy Therapeutics is delighted to announce the arrival of Karine Soulat, digital therapeutics and healthcare marketing expert to the senior team. Karine brings a wealth of over 25 years experience working with top ten global pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Bristol Myer-Squibb across global and for European markets.

Pulmonary Hypertension: How Wellthy’s digital tools can improve quality of life


Established by the PHA Association, Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month is now in its 30th year and encourages those who are connected to the condition to help spread awareness. Co-founder and VP of Partnerships Prayat Shah explains how Wellthy is working with the PH community and how our technology is improving the lives of those living

Wellthy Therapeutics complies to IEC:62304 medical device standard to build and scale robust SaMD solutions


The IEC 62304 standard outlines the life cycle processes, activities, and tasks that are required for the safe design and maintenance of medical device software.1 Adherence to the standard process ensures that necessary actions and precautions have been taken to prevent the risk of an event involving a threat to the life of a patient.

Diabetes: Connecting the Dots for Collaborative Diabetes Care

Diabetes: Connecting the dots for collaborative diabetes care

The theme for this year’s Diabetes Awareness Month is, ‘Access to Diabetes Care: If not now, when?’ urging greater access and care for people living with all types of diabetes. Prayat Shah, Wellthy co-founder and Vice President of Partnerships, explains why type 2 diabetes is an important focus for our team and the wellthy CARE™

The next stage of Pharma-DTx partnerships: what still remains unsolved?


The digital health ecosystem has grown at a tremendous pace in the last decade; not only when it comes to technological advancements, but also on patient adoption, traction from life sciences, and the global regulatory and compliance environment front. What began as a tool, limited for academia and technology research, has now shifted into being

How Digital Therapeutics can handhold Healthcare workers to achieve optimal insulin titration


Patients with diabetes may require insulin therapy at a certain point in their journey of living with diabetes. Insulin initiation is recommended when patient’s A1c is ≥7% even after 3 months of triple combination with oral anti-diabetes medicines (OAD) or if patient’s A1c levels are ≥10% (1).  The American Diabetes Association recommends that insulin initiation

How can a DTX intervention reduce hypoglycemic episodes in patients on Insulin?


Hypoglycemia episodes are common among patients with diabetes and can vary in severity. The spectrum of these episodes may include: not experiencing any symptoms at all, experiencing sweating, weakness, dizziness to fatal coma, seizures and death. Hypoglycemia is often under-reported and under-diagnosed, despite the fact that it can be disabling and potentially fatal. A study

How to treat Congestive Heart Failure with Virtual Outpatient care via a DTX?


There is no such thing as a minor cardiac incident. Whether it’s a case of an intermittent angina or anacute discovery of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – life is never the same afterwards. For millions ofAmericans, life after a cardiac event is often filled with new challenges that fundamentally change everyaspect of their lifestyle. And given recent

Wellthy Therapeutics, a Software as Medical Device (SaMD) company achieves Class 1 CE mark for its Wellthy CARE™ Platform.

Wellthy therapeutics , a Software as Medical Device (SaMD) company achieves Class 1 CE mark for The Wellthy Care TM Platform.

Wellthy therapeutics Pvt. Ltd, a Software as Medical Device (SaMD) company remains compliant to EU MDR 2017/745 regulatory requirements and achieves Class 1 CE marking for the Wellthy Care™ Platform’s medication reminder utility. Wellthy care medication reminder utility provides a high level of protection of health for patients with Chronic diseases by improving their quality

How to Prevent, Manage or treat Congestive Heart Failure during Covid using a Digital Therapeutic?

How to Prevent, Manage or treat Congestive Heart Failure during Covid using a Digital Therapeutic

Synopsis:  Heart failure remains a common and chronic illness across the world. It is not fully curable, but effective treatment and lifestyle changes can lead to reduced risks and stable life. With healthcare going digital, patients today are more empowered than ever before. Digital health solutions have become the need of the hour to keep