Wellthy Therapeutics adds Beyond Next Ventures as an investor; Expands into Japan - Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics adds Beyond Next Ventures as an investor; Expands into Japan

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MUMBAI, IndiaJune 15, 2023 Wellthy Therapeutics is proud to announce that it has secured additional financing, led by Beyond Next Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Japan, with participation from existing investors.This paves the way for Wellthy Therapeutics to expand its platform into the Japanese market, enabling enterprise customers to deploy world class digital health solutions to support their patients globally.

Wellthy Therapeutics’ modular, low-code digital health platform is being used to build and deploy validated digital health solutions in multiple conditions. The company has previously announced the platforms’ FDA certification along with its existing EU MDR certification, which makes it South Asia’s only chronic and multi-disease management platform to be certified for the same. The platform has helped payor and life science enterprise customers in patient identification, therapy initiation and up-titration, boosting market share and driving adherence, while reducing the overall cost of care and medical claims and improving patient quality of life.

“At Beyond Next Ventures, we have invested in many cutting-edge digital health ventures across India and Japan. We are very excited about Wellthy Therapeutics’ intent to solve the business objectives of life-science companies and insurers by aligning them with improving patient outcomes, all powered by their evidence-based platform approach. We are delighted to see them delivering solutions for the world. We are keen about enabling the company’s growth in Japan by building on our relationships with life-sciences companies and digital health ventures”, said Yuichiro Sano and Karthik Varada from Beyond Next Ventures. 

“We started Wellthy Therapeutics with a vision that one day, nobody would die from preventable disease complications. We are humbled by the confidence placed in us by Beyond Next Ventures, and are excited by the opportunity to further accelerate our vision of impacting 10 million patients in this decade, by helping Japanese life science and healthcare enterprise customers achieve better real-world outcomes”, said Abhishek Shah, CEO of Wellthy Therapeutics. 

Wellthy Therapeutics is present across Europe and Asia and has impacted the outcomes for over 150,000 patients across these regions. It recently announced its expansion to the US, along with the platforms’ regulatory certifications for the same. With Beyond Next Ventures as a key shareholder, Wellthy Therapeutics is poised for further global growth and expansion in Japan . The company is already backed by financial investors such as Saama Capital, GrowX Ventures, Ranjan Pai’s (Manipal) Family Office and Beenext Ventures.

About Beyond Next Ventures

Beyond Next Ventures (“BNV”) is a venture capital fund that invests mainly in deep-tech startups and manages 22 billion yen in funds. BNV started investing in India in 2019, focused on deep-tech innovations and digital disruptions. BNV leverages its relationships with Japanese corporations and provides unique value to Indian startups for their business development.

URL: https://beyondnextventures.com/india/

About Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics is a global leader in digital health and digital therapeutics with teams across US, EU and Asia, building for a world where no one dies of preventable disease complications. It is helping medication and health brands achieve their commercial goals by building and launching customized digital health solutions, powered by its disease-agnostic, modular, software-as-a-medical-device (SaMD) platform. For more information, visit www.wellthytherapeutics.com 

URL: https://www.prnewswire.com/in/news-releases/wellthy-therapeutics-adds-beyond-next-ventures-as-an-investor-expands-into-japan-301851599.html?tc=eml_cleartime

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