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How Digital Therapeutics can handhold Healthcare workers to achieve optimal insulin titration


Patients with diabetes may require insulin therapy at a certain point in their journey of living with diabetes. Insulin initiation is recommended when patient’s A1c is ≥7% even after 3 months of triple combination with oral anti-diabetes medicines (OAD) or if patient’s A1c levels are ≥10% (1).  The American Diabetes Association recommends that insulin initiation

How can a DTX intervention reduce hypoglycemic episodes in patients on Insulin?


Hypoglycemia episodes are common among patients with diabetes and can vary in severity. The spectrum of these episodes may include: not experiencing any symptoms at all, experiencing sweating, weakness, dizziness to fatal coma, seizures and death. Hypoglycemia is often under-reported and under-diagnosed, despite the fact that it can be disabling and potentially fatal. A study