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Bridging the gap in care continuum with Medtech

Care Continuum

There was never a better time in then now to focus on medical innovation and tech-based healthcare delivery. Patients today are very evolved and are focused on proactive care and continuum of care. Patient -centricity is driving multiple tech-based innovations including the adoption of wearable technology. This has led to a sea of data waiting to help health practitioners in improving the delivery of healthcare and providing preemptive, proactive and precautionary care to people.

Can digital solutions really help medical adherence?

Medication adherence

The non-adherence of medical solutions and provisions by patients such as drugs, treatments or therapies is a cause of enormous concern in the healthcare world. This is leading to adverse health outcomes and increased cost of care. The healthcare workers require a steady partnership with patients to achieve a long-term therapeutic result. New age technology-driven digital solutions could really help the patients, workers, and providers to be in sync with each other, hence solving the issue to a large extent. While some of these solutions are already in use and trial, it requires a lot more innovation to make it cost-effective and a widely used feasible solution for the larger population.

The rise of Digital therapeutics: The new standard in Patient Support Programs

Digital Patient Support Programmes

Traditional Patient Support Programmes, although well-intentioned, with their focus being on medication support and low-touch condition education, struggled to drive care plan compliance with their essentially low-tech approach to patient support. The winds of change in the way newer age patient support programs work are, however, beginning to blow.

Adapting to Digital Patient Support Programs – The need of the hour!

With technological interventions in today’s time, ease and efficiency have
been two of the most important aspects of our everyday life. Considering the drawbacks of
traditional Patient Support Programs (PSPs), pharmaceutical companies and healthcare
providers are working towards offering a holistic and effective approach using the internet and
digital mediums. Research and surveys have shown positive outcomes as patients respond well
when approached regularly during their care and this has shown that digital programs have the
potential benefits.

Why a Digital First Patient Engagement strategy is key to Medication Adherence ?

The reasons for poor adherence are multifactorial (patient, physician, disease and health-system related); hence the measures to improve adherence need to be multi-pronged as well! Bringing the patient into focus and enabling them to take informed daily decisions that affect adherence- this sums up effective continuous and holistic patient engagement. A great way to do this digitally: with the Wellthy app!