Pharma Leader, Karine Soulat joins Wellthy therapeutics as VP Marketing - Wellthy Therapeutics

Pharma Leader, Karine Soulat joins Wellthy therapeutics as VP Marketing


Introducing Karine Soulat, VP Marketing at Wellthy Therapeutics

Wellthy Therapeutics is delighted to announce the arrival of Karine Soulat, digital therapeutics and healthcare marketing expert to the senior team. Karine brings a wealth of over 25 years experience working with top ten global pharmaceutical companies Biogen and Bristol Myer-Squibb across global and for European markets.

With a deep knowledge in digital health and Software as a Medical Device, she has always been driven to truly understand patients. In her words “you cannot understand what a patient is feeling if you don’t communicate with them”. Karine is a firm advocate for healthcare with a human touch; putting people at the centre. She believes that managing chronic diseases with human and digital remote solutions is the future, and key to supporting health services and healthcare professionals to build stronger, more meaningful relationships with patients, which ultimately contributes to better care and health outcomes.

Based in Paris, Karine is excited to combine her knowledge of digital health, and the drivers and barriers in the pharma industry, with Wellthy’s leading digital therapeutics technologies. She’ll be supporting the company’s continued scale and delivery of personalized digital solutions that go ‘beyond the pill’ for pharmaceutical companies across Europe and the US.

Despite being a big change, taking the leap from pharma into a dynamic digital health scale-up like Wellthy was an easy decision for her. Being a part of the Wellthy team is an opportunity to create impact at scale, and to her, taking a holistic 360 degree view of health and care with industry expertise and cutting-edge technology that fits within pharma’s regulatory and compliance framework, is a critical factor of the company’s success so far. In her view, Wellthy’s track record for co-creating, developing and scaling compliant, clinically validated Dtx across a wide range of therapeutic areas such as cardiology, reproductive health and diabetes diagnosis, in partnership with international leaders in pharma & med tech like Abbott, Roche, Viatris means that Wellthy is in a strong position as it takes the next step in its journey towards its mission: Transforming lives by solving unmet clinical needs with evidence-based digital therapeutics.

Karine explains what it was that drew her to Wellthy Therapeutics:

“It is clear that the Wellthy Therapeutics team, from the co-founders to the engineers and sales representatives, are completely committed to creating a world where Dtx and SaMD is accessible to every person living with a complex and chronic condition, to improve their quality of life and overall health. I’m thrilled to be a part of that, and to be able to bring my experience and learning from the last 25 years in pharma and digital health accelerating that vision into reality.

Wellthy represents a new paradigm in healthcare – beyond the traditional, transactional and episodic approach – that puts people and patients at the centre, supports clinicians to provide the best, personalized care while delivering outcomes and ROI for life sciences companies.”

As an expert in digital health solutions, Karine will also be hosting a brand new podcast [DTx Circle by Wellthy Therapeutics], speaking to leaders and experts in the pharmaceutical industry from across Europe and around the world, about their experiences and predictions for the future of digital solutions and Dtx in healthcare. If you are interested in featuring as a guest on DTx Circle get in touch with her at: