How can Digital Therapeutics move the needle for Pharmaceutical Industry? Learnings from DTx West 2021 - Wellthy Therapeutics

How can Digital Therapeutics move the needle for Pharmaceutical Industry? Learnings from DTx West 2021

In the last couple years Digital health has gained huge mindshare across the Healthcare industry. Traditional Models of care have been struggling with scaling healthcare and there has been a huge void of unmet medical needs and on demand access for patients. Digital Health has emerged as the forbearer of change and post Coivid 19, it’s clear that it has a lot of potential in changing the way healthcare works. However , the worldwide adoption of Clinical evidence based Digital health Products by Clinicians, Pharmaceuticals, Patients is still a question that remains unanswered.

In thing Blog we wanted to share the learnings from DTX West  2021 – Digital Therapeutics Summit  where Healthcare leaders across Digital health, Pharmaceuticals, Clinicians came together and discussed the challenges of Digital Therapeutics across the healthcare spectrum and How Pharmaceutical-Dtx partnerships can work together to become mainstream.


The Top Challenges with Patient Care today

    • Unmet Medical needs – Today Patients need to wait to book appointments and Doctors only have a 30min/1hr window with their patient and only see the patient after 3 months or 6 months. If a patient needs on demand access or Just in TIme intervention – there is no option
    • Access of care – The Supply of Clinicians per patient is skewed and the rate at which chronic diseases are growing – A scalable healthcare ecosystem is the answer 
    • Coordination of care – Multiple healthcare systems are running in silos owing to poor healthcare digitization and weaker regulations in multiple countries.

What do Chronic Disease patients need today?

    • Continuous Patient Touchpoints – Engagement is Key in driving Outcomes for Pharmaceuticals and Digital is the way forward
    • On Demand Access – Just in Time interventions that are powered using Digital & Real time channels of engagement
    • Platform Based – Personalized therapeutic Interventions at scale are a need today to improve health outcomes for CHronic disease patients
    • Patient Voice needs to be incorporated into healthcare solutions and Healthcare providers , pharmaceuticals and Dtx companies need to be Patient centric.


What should Dtx do to move the needle with Doctors?

    • DTx Companies need to work on empowering Clinicians with Patient Insights and trends to optimize Clinical Decision Support ( Not just patient raw data)
    • Dtx companies need to optimize therapy with insights in long term
    • Provide information to the broader care team and make workflows based on that.
    • Incentivize doctors and make it easy for them to prescribe and not overwhelm them with new technologies.

How will DTx increase adoption across the Pharmaceutical industry?

    • DTx needs to set standards for evidence – Dtx companies have to invest in randomized trials and compare with placebo to remove bias. Clinical trial patients vs real world patients outcomes has seen a lot of variation and Dtx companies need to be weary of that
    • Dtx Companies need to go depth first for specific conditions and build strong expertise
    • Worldwide, Country specific Digital Health evidence committees need to define what is a good outcome and it has to be condition specific.
    • Dtx companies should be focusing on Influencing parts of other Healthcare systems as well
    • DTx Point Solutions need to be integrated into healthcare ecosystem – Hospitals, Government databases, 
    • Dtx Companies should also work on merging Patient engagement data with significant longitudinal data for precision psychiatry

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