Impact of Using a Digital Therapeutic and Blood Glucose Meter on Glycemic Control and Variability

Arjun Krishnakumar, Vasanth Kumar, Banshi D.Saboo, Varsha Khatry, Shilpa Joshi, RishiAdhikary, Sidddhesh Kolwankar, Vinod Mattoo


This study evaluates the impact of an iPDM (integrated personalized diabetes management) on blood glucose (BG) control.



Participants were using an iPDM consisting of the Accu-Chek® Active BG monitor with the Wellthy CARE™ digital therapeutic.

Wellthy CARETM (WC) is a digital therapeutic that delivers an artificial intelligence (AI) augmented disease management program for people with diabetes..

Participants who had a minimum BG logging frequency of 2 BG logs/wk for 4 months We analyzed average BG (ABG), Fasting BG (FBG), and Post-meal BG (PBG), at baseline (BG logged 1-3 days from the start of the program), month 1 (M1), and month 4 (M4), and change in estimated HbA1C (eA1C) based on ABG

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