How Wellthy Therapeutics
enabled comorbid patients with
Virtual care during Covid-19?

Comorbid Patients were the ones with higher risk of Covid contraction and were more prone to complications. Limited access to care, non functional traditional care pathways added to their health burdens. Managing chronic disease progression beacme even more challenging during Covid 19. That’s where Wellthy Therapeutics stepped up and bridged the gaps with Protocol drove Virtual care pathways.

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At Wellthy Therapeutics we witnessed a significant uptake in chronic disease management programs from diabetes, hypertension to dyslipidemia. We analyzed Comorbid patient interactions from Year 2019 to Year 2020 and saw remarkable differences.


Wellthy Therapeutics had conducted a study among patients with cardio-metabolic chronic conditions





To showcase the effectiveness of protocol driven Virtual care pathways delivered via Wellthy CARE ™ Platform during COvid 19 Pandemic


The study demonstrates a significant increase in virtual engagement and improvement in health outcomes for comorbid patients.

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