Evaluating Glycemic Control in Patients of South Asian Origin With Type 2 Diabetes Using a Digital Therapeutic Platform: Analysis of Real-World Data

Arjun Krishnakumar;Ritika Verma, Rajeev Chawla, Aravind Sosale, Banshi Saboo, Shilpa Joshi, Maaz Shaikh, Abhishek Shah, Siddhesh Kolwankar, Vinod Mattoo


Global prevalence of type 2 diabetes (T2D), especially among South Asians, has risen alarmingly in the last decade with little improvements in glucose control. Digital therapeutic platform based interventions act as a bridge between the doctor and patient to accelerate treatment plans with real-life solutions. This study aims to investigate the real-world effectiveness of the Wellthy CARE digital therapeutic for improving glycemic control among the South Asian population of Indian origin.




We studied 102 Type2DM participants from India and enrolled them into a 16 week structured self management program on Wellthy Care Platform. The comprehensive lesson plan for the program was based on the American Association of Diabetes Educator’s AADE7 self-care behaviors that encouraged patients to acquire skills for better diabetes self-management.

All patients received a Gluco One (Dr Morepen) glucose meter and strips. The HbA1c test was performed before and after the completion of the intervention by an independent pathological laboratory that reported the values directly.

Patients recorded their meals, weight, physical activity, and blood sugar levels in Wellthy Care Platform and received clinically validated guidance on self-care behaviors (healthy eating, being active, monitoring, medication adherence, control, and reducing risks); feedback provided by an AI powered chatbot; and periodic interactions with certified diabetes educators via voice calls and chats


The primary outcome of the program was a change in glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). Secondary outcomes included the difference between preintervention and postintervention fasting blood glucose (FBG) and postprandial blood glucose (PPBG) levels; changes in BMI and weight at the completion of 16 weeks

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