Chronic diseases constitute 60% of the global burden
We are breaking the mould for chronic care

Our DTx suite delivers the combined power of the
healthcare ecosystem through one integrated platform

We combine clinical and behavioural science with technology
that integrates the healthcare ecosystem and helps our patients get better, faster.


Data capture from connected devices with self- management therapy


Caregiver touchpoints
that allow for timely
inclusion in treatment


Expert support for
personalised guidance
for individual health goals


Progress tracking dashboard and
EMR integratable reports to
support clinical decisions


Population level analytics with meaningful patient
insights in real-time


Digital therapy

We transform medical guidelines into engaging
digital interventions, delivered via videos, audio,
lessons and quizzes

Professional health coach

Our highly skilled therapy-focused coaches
leverage patient data, to effectively guide,
motivate and educate patients

Connected device

We capture data through integration with
devices to make real-time monitoring easy

Progress dashboard

Our highly visual dashboards map actions
to results of biochemical and behavioural

Integrated tools

We integrate with EHRs, appointment booking
systems and external environment monitors
to deliver a seemless experience

Reminder services

With our customised reminders, patients will
never forget to visit their doctor, take their
medicine or get tests done on time

AI-driven insights

Carey, our constantly learning chatbot,
provides continuous support through
real-time feedback to in-app behaviours

We empower patients to
achieve their health
goals one step at a time

Our platform is made for individuals, magnified for mass impact

With a flexible platform , multilingual capabilities, and a highly
agile team, we design tailored solutions across multiple therapies

Here’s what our customers have to say

“I liked the way the lessons talked about managing sugar levels through smarter food choices but also how it prepared for slips without judgement. It understood the need to explain how medicines work which I never thought of before but I definitely feel it made an impact and I’m more prone to take my pills as prescribed now. I’ve started checking my blood sugar levels regularly which is a drastic improvement from before and I avoid smoking and drinking now as much as possible because I have learned how it can affect the body especially one with diabetes.”

Sreeramulu, Age 63

Retired banker from Hyderabad

“I appreciate this programme that is helpful to patients in the way that they need it to be. I needed help with how to put healthy eating practices into play. My health coach played a big role in helping me. But when in doubt, I could simply feed in details of my last meal and get instant feedback. It’s like it was built for me. I’m happy to say that my blood sugar levels have never been this stable.”

Chhaganlal Purohit, Age 43

“A lot of my patients are elderly. They need a higher level of involvement. For example, they may need guidance on how to operate a sphygmomanometer or they might need to be explained how to take their medicines. A lot of the time, they simply need reminders and regular support in making decisions. Digital platforms that act as patient support programmes fill in the gaps in care while keeping patients engaged. When a patient is actively engaged with his care, he is more likely to make healthy decisions. That will make the patient happy and what more can a doctor ask for.”

Prof. Dr. Ketan K Mehta


“With Wellthy’s digital diabetes health coach, new Accu-Chek Active users can log blood glucose readings into the app to receive 24/7 guidance on understanding and managing their diabetes better”

Rahul Kedia

Ad-Interim General Manager,Roche Diabetes Care

“Insurers work on data. Give them better real-time data,they will give you better products at reasonable prices”

Kalpana Sampat

COO -DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance company.

“Evidence based care is moving from clinical trial settings to real world evidence. Delivering effective iPDM solutions to help People with Diabetes monitor and manage their condition better and to improve the quality of life is of paramount importance for better diabetes clinical outcomes. We are encouraged to see the ongoing results of patient real world data coming from the combined use of Accu Chek Active® with Wellthy’s Digital Therapeutic. There is incredible potential with this added layer of intervention for improving self-management for People with Diabetes and their health outcomes.”

Dr. Varsha Khatry

Head – Medical and Scientific Affairs, Regulatory Affairs , Quality and PV
Roche Diabetes Care India Pvt. Ltd.