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Why patient support programs are the need of the hour

Why patient support programs are the need of the hour

Synopsis:  Patient Support Programs are services designed for patients and/or patient caregivers to help manage a treatment process. These are built to provide healthcare professionals with support for their patients’ basis interactions focused on awareness, education, medication adherence, disease outcomes and recovery. These programs offer help in maintaining adherence to therapy through total patient management,

The importance of medical adherence

The importance of medical adherence

Synopsis:  Medication adherence is defined by the World Health Organization as “the degree to which the person’s behavior corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a health care provider.” It can have a tremendous impact on quality and length of life, health outcomes, and overall healthcare costs. Engaging patients and the healthcare team is essential to

Understanding heart failure and How its one of the leading causes of Hospital readmissions

Understanding heart failure and How its one of the leading causes of Hospital readmissions

Synopsis:  Heart failure is a serious condition in which the heart does not pump blood around the body efficiently. The body relies on the pumping action of the heart to deliver nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to each of its cells, which stop functioning properly when not received with adequate nourishment. Weakening of the heart leads

How can Digital Therapeutics move the needle for Pharmaceutical Industry? Learnings from DTx West 2021

In the last couple years Digital health has gained huge mindshare across the Healthcare industry. Traditional Models of care have been struggling with scaling healthcare and there has been a huge void of unmet medical needs and on demand access for patients. Digital Health has emerged as the forbearer of change and post Coivid 19,

Why does Digital Health play an important role in revolutionizing Healthcare for Women?

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we need to bear in mind that the well being of the women in your household or social circle can not be a day’s job but a regular practice. The importance of a woman is acknowledged for centuries but often has not received the attention it deserves. A girl

How to transform patient engagement with value based care using DigitalTherapeutics(DTx)?

Transforming patient engagement and value based care with DTx

The traditional fee-for-service model of healthcare is an inherently defective one because it leads to a conflict of interest between different stakeholders as it focuses on volume rather than quality of healthcare service. Many countries across the world are now slowly but steadily transitioning from this model to value-based care, where reimbursement to providers is contingent upon measurable clinical outcomes. As patients come centre stage in value-based care and providers become more accountable for the wellness of their patient populations, DTx shows promise by empowering patients. Digital therapeutics can thus be an effective tool for value-based care by leveraging the patient’s healthcare data to augment traditional clinical therapies with actionable intelligence provided to patients and physicians in real time for a more strategic and personalized care.

How an effective post-care strategy can reduce heart failure readmissions rates for patients?

Reducing heart failure readmissions with effective post-care strategy

One of the primary and most concerning health problems is declining heart conditions and what tops the list is Congestive Heart Failure. Irrespective of the underlying cause, heart failure (HF) generates an enormous clinical, societal and economic burden. Healthcare providers around the world are trying to improve and transform patient care and disease managemnet to help reduce the per capita cost of health care.

Bridging the gap in care continuum with Medtech

Care Continuum

There was never a better time in then now to focus on medical innovation and tech-based healthcare delivery. Patients today are very evolved and are focused on proactive care and continuum of care. Patient -centricity is driving multiple tech-based innovations including the adoption of wearable technology. This has led to a sea of data waiting to help health practitioners in improving the delivery of healthcare and providing preemptive, proactive and precautionary care to people.

Can digital solutions really help medical adherence?

Medication adherence

The non-adherence of medical solutions and provisions by patients such as drugs, treatments or therapies is a cause of enormous concern in the healthcare world. This is leading to adverse health outcomes and increased cost of care. The healthcare workers require a steady partnership with patients to achieve a long-term therapeutic result. New age technology-driven digital solutions could really help the patients, workers, and providers to be in sync with each other, hence solving the issue to a large extent. While some of these solutions are already in use and trial, it requires a lot more innovation to make it cost-effective and a widely used feasible solution for the larger population.